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Who are we?

Sussex Advanced Drivers is a group affiliated to RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoSPA ADAR), which is committed to ensuring our members are provided with an interesting and involving programme of support and events that keep road safety at the heart of all we do.


It’s a very sobering thought that an average of 10 people per day die on our roads and many more are injured. The annual cost of road crashes in this country is £13b. Adults and children are disfigured and suffer needless physical, mental and emotional trauma. Families are distraught.


We all think we are good drivers and that a crash will never happen to us, which makes it all the more a shock when reality strikes.


When was the last time someone cast a critical eye over your driving? Wouldn’t it be good to know you are a good driver? Let’s be honest here. Driving is the most dangerous activity most of us will ever do but we take it for granted that once we’ve passed the basic driving test that’s it! However, the basic driving test is the minimum standard required to drive unaccompanied on our roads.


Billions of pounds per year are spent on improving the roads and designing safer cars but how much is spent on the most important item, the driver?

We can help.


Sussex Advanced Drivers offers you the chance to learn defensive and enhanced driving techniques. You will become more involved with your driving whilst having fun but with a lower crash and injury risk.


The aim of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR) is to reduce road accidents through encouraging interest in road safety by improving driving standards, knowledge and skills. In order to do this, RoADAR has over 65 local groups that will provide free tutoring to help you improve your driving skills and prepare you to take the ultimate Advanced Test.


Sussex Advanced Drivers is one of the RoADAR local groups providing advanced tuition for car drivers in East and West Sussex.


Everyone involved in your tuition has volunteered to pass on the life saving techniques they have learned. As RoSPA is a registered charity it is not here to make money but to show you how to enjoy your vehicle whilst improving your driving.


Our group also provides occasional events for trying different skills such as 4 x 4 driving, skid training and even gliding. Have a look at our newsletter and future events pages. We have a wide age range of members and try to cater for everyone’s needs.


Our meetings take place in Brighton. Details can be found on the events page of this website. We usually start 7.30 with refreshments for an 8pm start with the evening being split between group matters and a guest speaker. Please come along and have a chat to the members or one of our committee. You will be made very welcome and with no pressure to join.