There are three levels of member: Full, Associate and Club. 


Full Membership

Is open to anyone who has an in-date RoSPA car test pass, including Diploma.  Those who already hold the qualification may join Sussex Advanced Drivers straight away, as there is no need to match them with a tutor. They do not pay a joining fee, as they will not benefit from the intensive tutoring that associates get.  Furthermore, if they hold Silver or above and are willing to act as a tutor, they do not pay an annual membership fee. The joining process for Full members is relatively straightforward.

Full membership of Sussex Advanced Drivers is available to anyone who has passed the RoSPA advanced test for cars within the past three years and is a current member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR). 


Full membership entitles you to attend our bi-monthly meetings and participate in other social and driver improvement activities that are held throughout the year.  You may also request assistance to prepare you for your three-yearly re-test and take additional training to qualify as an advanced tutor.


There is no joining fee to pay and only an annual membership fee of £18 per annum, which works out at £1.50 per month on a pro rata basis.  Furthermore, this annual fee is waived for under 25s, and for anyone holding a pass at Silver level and above who volunteers to act as a tutor or committee member.  Note that you will still need to pay your annual RoSPA subscriptions.


Associate Membership

 Is open  to any driver who does not hold an in date RoSPA advanced driving qualification and is joining in order to train towards the RoSPA test.  They will pay the joining fee to reflect the benefits of intensive tutoring.  However, as the joining fee is not an insignificant sum, we do not want prospective associates to part with any money until they have a tutor. They will need to go onto a waiting list until the Training Officer has found them a tutor.  Then, once they have paid, they can start working with their tutor towards the test. Whilst on the waiting list they may attend bi-monthly meetings.

Associate membership is available to those drivers intending to take the RoSPA advanced driving test for cars and who wish to have tuition in preparation for the test. There is a one-off joining fee for all new associates of £60, and an annual membership fee of £18, making £78 in all.  The annual membership fee element is waived for under 25s. 


Once you are ready for your test, you will also need to pay RoADAR the test fee with your application, which is currently £62 (£57 for under 25 year olds). Your first year’s membership subscription to RoADAR is included in this test fee.  ROADAR annual subscriptions, which are separate to Sussex Advanced Drivers membership fees, entitle you to the RoSPA publication Care on the Road.  The RoADAR subscription also pays for your three-yearly advanced driving re-test. This is one of the unique features of the RoSPA advanced driving qualification and ensures that our drivers maintain, and indeed improve, on their high driving standards.


If you book the RoSPA advanced driving test within six months of paying your joining fee and pass the test you may then apply to Sussex Advanced Drivers  for a refund of the £60 joining fee.


Preparing for the advanced test can involve a significant commitment since the test standards, which are based on the police system of driving, are high.  Details of the advanced driving test may be found here.  So if you are a newly qualified driver who wants to gain a little more experience, or are nervous behind the wheel and are merely looking to increase your confidence, then we recommend that you consider taking additional lessons with an approved driving instructor (ADI) before considering advanced driver training.  Details of ADIs in your area may be found here


We run a waiting list for associate members as we first aim to match you with a tutor within reasonable traveling distance of your home address.  You do not pay anything to go onto the waiting list.  Whilst on the waiting list you will be entitled to attend our bi-monthly meeting details of which are on our programme of events here. Once we have found a suitable tutor we will contact you and then ask you to make your payment.

In order to join the associate membership waiting list, please click here


Club Membership

Is open to existing members of Sussex Advanced Drivers who have previously passed the RoSPA advanced driving test and have not passed a re-test within the three-year period, but wish to maintain an interest in advanced driving and the group's activities.


Existing members of Sussex Advanced Drivers will be invited to apply for Club Membership if, on annual renewal, their three-year re-test period has expired. Club Membership also costs £18 per annum.